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We now have a new blog over at SuperDooperXbox. All the same information is posted there but in an easier to read and more user friendly manner. Updated information on getting Free Xbox Live and also that is where the contest is currently being hosted. So go check it out and don't forget to leave a comment on the new blog with your feedback.


48-Hour Free Xbox Live Gold Trial Giveaway!

Ok so I know all you visit this blog to find out how to get Free Xbox Live. As a thank you for visiting my blog, I'm going to be hosting a giveaway for a 48-Hour Free Xbox Live Gold Trial.

Here's how it's going to work. I will post a new part of the subscription code every 2 to 3 hours. To win, make sure you check back often to see the next part of the code. First one to grab the code and redeem it wins. Whoever gets the code at the end, please leave a comment saying you got it so I know that the giveaway is over.

Here goes the code: RPDDT-Y8RVM-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

How to get Free Xbox Live

Hey guys, I’ve recently found a new way to get Free Xbox Live. If you want a way of getting a Free Xbox Live gold membership account or even some Free Microsoft Points, you can do so for free. You don’t give away any of your xbox live account information and this isn’t a code generator. It's also completely free to sign up with no credit card needed or anything.

To start off, you need to make a new account. Head over here to the Points2Shop site and sign up. Be sure to use a real email account as this will be the way you will sign in. Don't worry, no spam will be sent to this account for signing up. Once you sign up be sure to confirm your email. This step is very important as if you do not do this step you will not get your Free Xbox Live.

Once you've registered and confirmed your email, log in to the website and go to “Earn Points“. Click “Free Offers“. Offers are basically free surveys you do. You have to do some offers in order to get the “points” to get the Free Xbox Live memberships codes. It’s 399 points for a 1 month xbox live gold card code. This is a fairly easy number of points to earn considering you get a bonus 250 points just for signing up. That means you will only need an additional 149 points in order to order your free xbox live gold card. For most offers, all you have to do is submit your email and name real quick. Some offers require some questions. Here’s a list of offers, if you want help. It’s pretty easy, and it’s worth it for the Free Xbox Live.

I have tried this myself, and it’s very easy. If you follow all of these instructions you should have enough points in a hour or two. All you have to do is sign up, confirm your email, and do a couple of offers to get your Free Xbox Live or Free Microsoft Points. You get the code sent to you by email. When you get the 399 points, just go to the “Spend Points” link at the top of the page, then click the “Popular Prizes″ button, then enter "xbox live 1 month" in the "Find Free Rewards" box. Under “Xbox 360 Live 1 Month Gold Card” click “Check Availability” and the "Add to Cart." Free Microsoft Points are 2000 points, so it’d take a little longer to get, but it’s still not hard.You will then get your code emailed to you. You can get many other things here too, just check out the Rewards you can get. All just for doing a couple of offers, it’s pretty cool I think. But if you want something easy, this is the way of getting Free Xbox Live.

List of offers you can do


Go to “Earn Points” then click “Free Offers” and you’ll see a list of offers you can do. Here are some easy or quick ones to do, to get you started off.

Some good offers to complete:

  • Arcamax Politcal Newsletter - Just requires a simple email submit (15 points)
  • Arcamax Weather Newsletter - Email Submit (15 points)
  • Arcamax Recipes - Email submit (15 points)
  • Opinion Outpost - Sign up for Opinion Outpost, 100% and easy offer (36 points)
  • MyGiftCentre Facebook vs Myspace - Harder to do but worth more (50 points)

If you complete all these offers, you will earn a total of 131 points.I've personally completed all of these offers and they all credited my points pretty quickly.